Assisted Living & Home Care Services

The Very Best in Physician-Directed Care Management Solutions

We work with care managers to provide the most comprehensive quality health care ever imagined. Phone calls returned immediately. Guaranteed office visits the same day or within 24 hours.

VIP Care Management Facilitation

Does Your Doctor Look After Your Loved Ones When You're Away?

We check-up continually on your loved using assisted living facilities and home care services and make house calls when needed. VIP CARE means that you can speak to your family doctor anytime you need him 24-hours a day!

We are the first in Palm Beach County to develop VIP CARE, a personalized approach that emphasizes quality, not quantity of health care.

Assisted Living Facility & Home Care Services

  • Comprehensive assessments to assist with determining guardianship and/or competency available at adult living facility, hospital, and other sites.
  • Preventive medical services with a focus on a comprehensive wellness plan.
  • Unparalleled cccess 24/7 to wellness aservices by residents, their families, nurses, caregivers, trust officers, healthcare surrogates and other allied healthcare professionals.
  • Residents receive 24 hour direct access telephone number to physician care coordinator.