Why Choose A Concierge Doctor?

We Are Your Healthcare Advocate

Dr. Briskin is also known for his compassion and empathetic approach. He treats his patients as they are members of his family, just like he cared for his own father who suffered from Parkinson disease for over 30 years. He cares and attends to his patients with complete devotion and with a 24/7 accessibility.

Why Choose VIP CARE?

All Our Patients are Treated Like “VIPs”

 Here are a few extra services you get when you enroll in VIP CARE:

  • 24 hour direct access to your doctor, never having to deal with an answering service. Direct cell phone access.
  • Same or next day appointments, guaranteed
  • Longer office visits
  • Availability for house calls
  • Reach the doctor when he isn’t on call! Why talk to an unfamiliar physicians if you don’t want to?
  • Extended hours
  • Annual wellness visits, included