How To Choose A Concierge Doctor

Identify What's Important To You

Not all concierge medical practices are created equal. If you’re considering a form of concierge medicine, you need to identify the services most important to you and ask the correct questions. Please call our office to discuss your personal health care needs.

Choosing a Concierge Doctor

Key Questions To Ask

  • What is the target number of patients the practice sets?
  • What are the charges for patient/couple/family?
  • Does the doctor use hospitalists or does he/she admit their own patients?
  • Has the doctor ever been reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank or been sued for malpractice?
  • Does the doctor make home visits?
  • Is the doctor an M.D. & board-certified in internal medicine?
  • How does the practice bill for services other than the retainer fee?
  • Will the doctor see you the same day you call or the very next day for non-emergencies?
  • What other services are included for the retainer fee? (i.e. exercise or nutritional counseling, care coordination, finding doctors out of state, seeing family members from out of state on a courtesy basis, etc.)
  • Who covers when the doctor is unavailable? Is this doctor also a retainer/VIP doctor?
  • Does the doctor give you his/her cell phone?